Linux installation and setup

Installing Python

Use the following command to install python3 and pip packages manager:

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip

Installing robot-soccer-kit package

If you want to install only the client, run:

# Client only
pip install -U robot-soccer-kit

If you also want the game controller:

# Full (with game controller)
pip install -U robot-soccer-kit[gc]

Running the Game Controller

To run the game controller: enter the following command:

python -m rsk.game_controller

Pairing the robots

We provide some scripts in the repository.

Installing RTL drivers

We recommend using USB external ZEXMTE Bluetooth adapter.

You need at least the 5.8.0 kernel. On Linux, it required you to install RTL driver:

# Requires root privilege

Give users the rights to access


sudo adduser $USER dialout

Then, log out and log in again

Pairing process

To pair the robots, you can run:


Then, wait for your robots to be detected.

Note: default bluetooth PIN for robots is always 1234

Mounting the robots

Once you paired your robots, you can run:


To mount them all as /dev/rfcomm* devices

Removing robots

If you want to clean up your paired devices, you can use:


To remove all paired devices.


Simply plug the camera on your computer’s USB, it should work natively.