Windows installation and setup

Installing Python

You need to have Python version 3.8 or newer.

Installing/Updating robot-soccer-kit package

Note: If python command is not working, use py instead

If you want to install only the client, run:

python -m pip install -U robot-soccer-kit

If you also want the game controller:

python -m pip install -U robot-soccer-kit[gc]

Running the Game Controller

To run the game controller: enter the following command:

python -m rsk.game_controller

Pairing the robots

We recommend using USB external ZEXMTE Bluetooth adapter. On Windows, the drivers are automatically installed from internet.

If you already have native Bluetooth on your computer, you can give it a try. If it doesn’t work well, don’t forget to disable it before using the USB dongle by going to “Devices Manager”.

To pair the robots, simply go to your Bluetooth menu and pair them one by one. If you encounter issues, do not hesitate to disable and re-enable your Bluetooth.

Note: default Bluetooth PIN for robots is always 1234. (No PIN is required for robots named “RSK”)

Note 2: You will NOT have to pair the robots again after each restart of your computer, only if you bring in new robots.

Step-by-step pairing

Click on


Simply plug the camera on your computer’s USB, it should work natively.