Here is everything you will need to assemble the setup:

Part Reference Comment

Field It must be made of a thick carpet, so that the ball is stopped enough. Else, the game experience will be very poor.
You can buy a thick green carpet of 2x2.5m, paint it, and print and stick field markers.

Spedal MF920Pro
120° angle
You can source other cameras, but the opening angle should be wide enough to see the whole field

PU Orange ball Those are golf-size balls made of some foam material called PU. It weights around 8g.

ZEXMTE Bluetooth adapter You can give a try to your computer integrated Bluetooth, but there are chances that the quality of communication will not be good enough. This dongle was tested to work well with the kit.

3m USB extension The camera will be attached to the field structure, so you need an extension cable to connect it to your computer. 3m is a good length.

Camera structure For the camera structure, we recommend you using a photo background stand. They can be found for around 40$ on Amazon.