Part Reference Comment

Robot frame The robot frame can be cut in 3mm MDF or PMMA

Marker The marker part can be cut in 3mm MDF or PMMA
Then, print the relevant robot markers and stick them on it.

Mainboard Mainboard assembled PCB
Click here for more details on electronics

Structural screws
  • Those screws are used to fix the motors
    • 6x M3x30
    • 6x M3x8 female-male spacer
    • 6x M3x20 female-male spacer
    • 12x M3 nuts
  • All around the board, we use spacers to protect the robot
    • 10x M3x30 female-male spacer
    • 10x M3x8

Motors and wheels

rated 6V
1:100 reduction
Hall encoders (7 CPR)
6p JST-ZH connector

3x motors
The current reduction trade-off offers a high torque and the speed of the robots are thus limited. This is however not an issue in adversarial game where precision counts more than velocity.

Motor cables 3x JST-ZH cables (double ended, inversed), 6 pins, length: 5cm. Possible reference: A06ZR06ZR28H51A.

Motor couplers Those couplers have internal diameter of 3mm, the small part of the ring is 10mm, the big part is ~22mm and the screw spacing is 16mm.

3D parts Option 1, use FDM 3D printer and print the following: Option 2, print this pack using SLS

Wheel screws
  • 30x M3x8 screws
  • 30x M3 nuts
  • 60x M3x6 cylindrical shaft DIN 7
See the 3D view

V623ZZ 60x Bearings for passive wheels

8mm ID, 2mm thick
60x O-ring for passive wheels, those are optional (without them it works as well)


A small plunger that can be sourced from many online. Used to kick the ball.

Kicker tip Can be cut using laser cutter out of MDF or PMMA:

Kicker screws
  • 2x M3x4 screws
  • 2x M3 lockwasher
  • 2x M3 square nuts DIN 562


18650 VT6 2x 18650 batteries

2x18650 holder Holder for 2x18650 batteries with jack 2.35mm output

Quality of life

Batteries blocker This F-shaped blocked can be used to prevent the batteries from moving in the holder.